Solenn Roggeman

Conceptrice et fondatrice


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Attracted very early by fashion, grown up with fabric history, fashion accessories, designers and with leather goods from her grandparents’ side, Solenn very quickly decides to enter the world of fashion and culture. Her path started with high expectations and always the look out for modernity – both never left her.

Graduated from l’Ecole du Louvre with french paintings as an expertise, she does not forget her passion for fashion history and she has had several experiences in that sector. She was part of the team that managed the reopening of the fashion museum within the Union Francaise des Arts Decoratifs. Her role was to overlook the inventory counting of the 20th century with Pamela Golbin and Catherine Ormen. Her second tas kwas the organisation of an exhibit called « Garde-robes », in the same location. Her next steps bring her in Christian Dior Couture’s archives in order to update the inventory of the House’s works of arts. Her thesis was by the way on Christian Dior’s bal and theatre gowns.

After her Master degree from l’Ecole du Louvre, Solenn adds a Master degree about Digital Creation at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris. She then focuses on numeric media and becomes aditor of one of the very first on-line magazines, launched by the Lanvin Brothers and promotes young designers : Anatomique.

Solenn then develops her eclectic taste for create and adds expertise to her qualities. She worked with the Galerie Fremontier, prestigious Parisian antique dealer. She then develops the British luxury pashina brand Ahilya. She writes articles for different media. ..

In 2014, Solenn decides to add another dimension to her know-how and creation protection. This leads to the launch of an innovative service.
To ensure the success of this project, she takes lectures on company setting up at the Parisian business school called Essec and launches her own firm De Fil en Archive.

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